Jorge Grow Guide

This title which may attempt to sell the book, but in reality it is a complete reference manual, comprehensive and highly detailed marijuana horticulture from to Z covers all aspects. Color coded fixed the wealth of information to navigate more than 500 pages (colour) and in sections. I may jorge grow guide be wrong, it does not appear that there is a specific order for these sections, but this book will be a beginners guide to explain her hand, as the plant stops during the harvest developed and healing, is not expected. Don't get me wrong, all this information and much more is in the book, but is not implemented in a natural flow of seeds to harvesting equipment. This is more than an encyclopedia you will find all-to keep it. Tons of color photographs and lots of great illustrations sometimes do a better job explaining things to the text itself, but if you're a Visual person like me, you will appreciate this approach. Dock a star for two reasons. Has more than a couple of ads throughout the sale of certain products. I've never seen, hides and this seems to be a partial approach. This is a book for $ 30, while advertising seems superfluous. The most important thing, I found hard to 500 page views to find the information you were looking for. The information is there, but given the enormous amount of information, you can spend a lot of time to find what you want. I constantly refer to this book, so you take more and more seriously, you have to buy this book. You don't have that with a blanket, but a lot more than you think you should read. As I said, this is not 1-2-3 learn how the book to grow and is a good thing,. .